Day one....BEFORE

We started as a bank....teller windows, desks, deposit slips, and deposit boxes

Another Before photo

Rugs and dividers ready to go!  Lots of the wood will be repurposed and turned into Craft tables by carpenter Bob!

Demolition in progress

Teller windows coming out!

Demo Man Bob hard at work!

By day he's a police officer but by night he's Super demo man Bob....hard to believe the transformation he's doing!

The rugs are gone!

Who would have ever thought that getting glue from under the rugs would require two different machines and tons of manpower to boot!

Have you seen our stairs?

Rug is ripped up...let the flooring begin!  Demo man Bob told me that there were actually 2 layers of rugs going downstairs to the basement.  The first layer was a 1960s green and then on top of that a 1970s orange.  Was that a thing of the past?  Let's not rip up the original rug...let's carpet over it???


Tile work by Mr. Bob

Mr. Bob has begun tiling around the wash sink.  We really like it!!!! (we may be a bit partial).  Soon he will tile the outside wall near the range.  We're excited to have it finished!  Hopefully by our Grand Opening!!!!











Renovations continued

Grinding the Stairs

Did you ever hear of grinding stairs?  That's when you grind off the old glue on the stairs so you can put new glue to lay down new rubber stair treads.

Reclaimed wood and cabinets

We are repurposing some of the wood left behind in the Suntrust building. While much of the wood from the teller windows was chipboard, the office wood is hard to find hard wood which will be re-used.  The cabinets will be used for storage.  

Our new LED Strip Lights

If you've driven by Cook N Craft Academy you might have seen our new LED strip lights (we get excited by the little things)...they only use 7 watts of power...and we can change them about 20 different colors...right now they're purple in honor of our Cook n Craft Academy logo....

We're painting!!!!

We are priming and getting ready to paint the walls. 

The Stoves are in....

We can't wait to start baking!!!

From closet to BATHROOM!

In another day or two, this former closet will become a bathroom.  The former bank did not have a bathroom on the first we will have one!  YEAH!

Continued Renovations

Our 3 compartment sink is in!!!!

Three compartment sinks are required at restaurants,,,here is their function   

  • Rinse, scrape, or soak all items before washing them.
  • Clean items in the first sink. Wash them in a detergent solution at least 110 ̊F (43 ̊C). ... 
  • Rinse items in the second sink. ... 
  • Sanitize items in the third sink. ... 
  • Air dry all items.

The hoods are in too!!!

Our ansi hoods are in....what is an Ansi hood you ask???    ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute and it's the required method for proper ventilation when you have a stove and range. It's a fire suppression hood.

The Tables have legs!!!

The tables are in too!  The place is crowded..but coming together.  For now the legs of our tables are stored in the vault...

Can you guess what this is?

any idea what this might be?  Send your guess to . All correct responses will be placed in a drawing and the selected entry will win a free class!!!  Entries can be submitted now through Monday  3/5/2018 at noon eastern standard time!!!. 

This is what it is......and the winner is!!!!

Wow we got alot of great responses from brie cheese to a chocolate crumb coated cake to ancient ruins.....It's actually a

 2 1/2 inch drilled cement core from the floor of our building.  It was drilled  for piping.   Thank you for all your guesses.  Our winner is Kellie B.  We'll be running more contests again soon!  Thanks all xo

The Fridge arrived!!!

The refrigerator is here...and now to start filling it up with lots of great food and supplies....Oh how I wish this would fit in my home kitchen....I absolutely love it!!!