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Dilemmas for Dolly......

I think it's great when you have family around.  I really do.  I like my cousin Kate.  But honestly, she's got to GO!!!!  

Last night Rob heard some banging coming upstairs in the kitchen (we were downstairs organizing the basement).  We came running upstairs, and there was Kate wearing MY Chef's hat!!!  We asked what she was doing and she calmly said, "I'm making a chocolate layer cake, but I can't seem to get the cake out of the pan.  I took one look at the pan.  Then I looked at her cake mix box.  I screamed, "That's not chocolate cake mix, that's concrete leveling compound!!!"

Kate smiled and said, "I guess that's why it's not coming out of the  pan.”

Really?  You think?  It's great how Kate has managed to create a huge mess in less than 15 minutes.  And on top of that she ruined Christina’s cake pan with cement and a  chisel.  And if that wasn't enough she used all Rob’s concrete mix.  What am I suppose to do?  How do you politely ask someone to LEAVE?  I am not sure how much of Kate I can take!!!!


Dilemmas for Dolly......

Dolly's Dilemma of the Week

Dilemmas for Dolly......

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Dolly's Dilemma of the Week

Dolly's Dilemma of the Week

Dolly's Dilemma of the Week

Dear Dolly,


Sounds like Kate is bugging you slightly.  Just wondering if perhaps complaining about Kate's baking....maybe you should teach her a thing or two.   Just a thought.


#Kate is Great!

Dear Kate is Great!

I appreciate your willingness to learn, but we need to set some boundaries.  The first boundary is stay 25 feet away form MY KITCHEN.  Love Dolly. xoxxo

Friday March 1st


You've got to be kidding!!

Well Kate went back home and I was getting back in the old routine when all of a sudden Ms. Christina says " Dolly I have someone I want you to meet."  I turned around and sitting in front of me are the twins from Stephen Kings movie "The Shining"...I hope its not going to snow.   Can't wait till Ms. Christina brings me my next visitor ...maybe it will be Chucky.

Dollys Diary May 21


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