Birthday Parties

The Chocolate Party



Includes the following:

·Each guest will make a chocolate treat to bring home.

· Each guest will make chocolate covered oreos and marshmallow pops

· Each guest will decorate chocolate cupcakes with edible chocolate clay.

  • $20 per guest 10 guest minimum

The Spa Craft Party


includes the following:

Each guest makes a bath bomb along with one other item: 

Homemade soap

Homemade facials

Makeup Lesson with nail polish

Homemade bath salts

Party includes cupcakes

$20 per guest 10 guest minimum

The Tie Dye Party


Includes the following: 

Each guest will make a tie dye tee-shirt.

$20 per guest 10 guest minimum

The Slime Party


Includes the following:

Each guest will make slime

Party includes cupcakes.

$20 per guest 10 guest minimum

Cook n Craft Cupcake Wars


Includes the following:

Cupcake decorating and hands on technique are given to participants.

Teams are created and each  team decides which flavor cupcake they want to make along with what kind of frosting and decorations. 

$20 per guest 10 guest minimum

The Jewelry Party


Includes the following: 

Each guest makes a wrap around bracelet as decorate a

jewelry box

Cupcakes included. 

$20 per guest 10 guest minimum

Birthday Parties!

The Painting Party


Guests make a custom canvas painting.   $20 per guest 10 guest minimum 

Super Hero Party


Guests will customize their own Super Hero cape.  Then they will make a special Super Hero Treat!

 $20 per guest 10 guest minimum 

The Unicorn Party


Guests will enjoy making magical unicorn crafts.  You can select 2  activities from the following list: 

Unicorn dream catcher

Unicorn Slime

Unicorm bracelet

Unicorn bark

Unicorn Marshmallow pops

Unicorn bath salts

 $20 per guest 10 guest minimum 

The Breakfast Party


Guests might want to come in their pj's as we make homemade waffles, and enjoy a waffle and ice cream bar....and then decorate a pillow case.  $20 and 10 guest minimum

The Pizza Party


Guests Make homemade pizza and then decorate a fun homemade cookie pizza for dessert

 $20 per guest 10 guest minimum 

The Magical Fairy Party!


Guests create one of a kind magical fairy wands and decorate fairy wings!  

 $20 per guest 10 guest minimum 

Birthday Parties!!!

Star Wars Party


Guests make an awesome light sabor  and galaxy slime. \'s all in a galaxy at Cook  n Craft Academy.  

$20 per guest, 10 guest minimum 

The Lego Party!


Guests will enjoy making a lego print tee-shirt and a lego frame 

$20 per guest , 10 guest minimum

Power Rangers Party!


Join us as we make Power Ranger Tee-shirts and Pretzel Energems!  

$20 per guest, 10 guest minimum

The Mermaid Party


Guests decorate an adorable Mermaid tote bag as well as make a mermaid bracelet

$20 per guest, 10 guest minimum

The Carnival Party


The Carnival is in town for this birthday celebration!  let's make some  chocolate covered popcorn!  and decorate some circus cupcakes,

$20 per guest, 10 guest minimum

The Cowboy (Cowgirl) Party


Howdy!  Let's rodeo up the gang for a Cowboy (cowgirl) birthday party!  Guests will make a horseshoe dream catcher, and a bandana monogram!

$20 per guest, 10 guest minimum

Birthday Parties



Parties include cupcakes for each guest along with water/juice. 

If you want to order additional decorated cupcakes for parents or extra friends it's $1.50 per cupcake

Pizza, Face Painting, chocolate fondue, Ice Cream Sundae Bar,

Pizza can be added to your party for an additional $14 per pie.

Not in the mood for pizza?  We can do Subs and chips  (additional $4 pp)

hamburgers & chips (additional $5 pp)

chicken fingers & chips (additional $5 pp)

Face Painting can be added to your party for an additional $3.00 per guest.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar can be added to your party for an additional $3.00 per guest. 

Chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana and marshmallows can be added for an additional $3.50 per guest

Custom Parties!

While the above is a sampling of the type of parties we offer---we are very eager to work with you on themes or favorite party ideas you may have.   For example, if your child is having a hard time deciding between two parties...we can customize their special party by possibly taking one craft/ recipe from two different parties.  For eg.  We recently celebrated a party where we made bath bombs as well as homemade bracelets.  Another party saw us make slime, and then decorating feel free to inquire about customizing your special day.

Special Birthday gift for birthday girl or boy

Your birthday is a special day...and Cook n Craft Academy wants to acknowledge your special day with a unique gift!

Weekend Parties!

Birthday Parties are held on weekends (Saturdays  Sundays at 2 pm.  If you need to request a day during the week, we will try our best to accommodate you.  We are also open to weekdays during school breaks--and of course Summer time we most likely can accomodate different times as well.

Birthday Parties


Deposit Required

A non refundable $50 dollar deposit is required.  We understand circumstances arise where you may need to make changes to your affair.  In the event your party does need to cancel, we will work with you to reschedule another available date.

The deposit will be due no later than 2 weeks prior to your party.   

Failure to pay the deposit subjects you to cancellation of your affair   

`Now you can pay your deposit conveniently online here: 

Pay deposit online

Guests must sign a waiver!

Our waiver is a standard waiver discussing risks involved using a cooking and crafting facility.  It also seeks permission for photographing your child for the purpose of promoting our website.  We do not attach names to photos (except for a birthday girl/boys first name for a blog post --this is with the parent's consent.  All guests must sign this waiver to participate at Cook n Craft Academy;.  If a parent chooses to not have their child photographed we can make that adjustment to the waiver.  The waiver's are located here :

Final Count Deadline

Alot goes into making your child's birthday extra special.  We pay close attention to detail and every craft or recipe does require a certain amount of supplies and ingredients.   We require that you notify us 5 days before the event the number of guests who will be attending.  Thank you.

We love photos!

Feel free to take as many photos as you would like during the birthday party.  We would even like you to send them to us after the party--as we may do a special blog post honoring the birthday recipient!

Open Gifts...Don't Open Gifts!

Know that you have the option to open your guests' gifts at the party or simply save them for later. Let us know your plans.

We are pretty quick at changing out between crafts, but some are a bit messier than others...usually during the times where clean up may be a little longer we will play musical chairs, but this might be a good time to open gifts...the choice is up to you!!!


Let's get the ball rolling.  Call us at 865 394 8796 or email us at