Order dinner to go!

Tired of cooking dinner every night of the week?  Take a day off and let Cook n Craft Academy take care of dinner.

Here's how it works.....

We will announce each week what we're offering for your Thursday pick up....if you would like to place an order you can do it online and pick it up Thursday .

We will announce by Sunday night what we are offering this week.

Each meal is for a family of 4.  Need more...order two dinners. 

Meals can also be frozen...so if you want to stock up for those days you choose not to cook...GO FOR IT!!!

Meals are reasonably priced

Most dinners for a family of 4  come to $27.50 (plus tax)….that's under 7 dollars per person!

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING DESSERT...Check out our different offerings each week.